8 mm

1999年上映的< 8 mm >由乔尔舒马赫(Joel Schumacher)导演、尼古拉斯凯奇(Nicolas Cage)主演。它用一个寻找胶片中记录的被杀女孩为故事背景描绘了美国基于暴力的黑暗色情电影业。影片最终,主角私家侦探汤姆威勒无法报警而不得不亲手解决坏蛋,揭露政府和公众对这个问题漠视的立意非常清晰。镜头色调和节奏很压抑,加之对血腥的渲染,看起来相当吃力,好像心中闷了块大石头。这类阐述人性阴暗的片子实非我所爱。因此直到最近弹尽粮绝才耐了性子看一番。



电影总共2个小时,节奏缓慢。结局在前半个钟头就已知晓,是议员和手下的律师花高价雇人拍摄。买家-打着招聘演员幌子物色年轻无知女孩充当猎物的中间人-变态导演-杀人如 machine 般的职业演员,在好莱坞光鲜亮丽的招牌下,如产业链般进行着环环相扣的交易。结尾你也可以猜到,凯奇追查到了一切,帮手无辜送命,在最后一刻原本置身事外的侦探参杂进个人情感,为被杀的女孩和受到牵连的男孩报复成功,恶人接连毙命。


凯奇最后复仇成功,杀人机器 machine 的面具也终于被撕下来,原来带着眼镜的他,面孔就像千千万万个生活在我们身边的人一样普通。


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< 8 mm > is a movie made 9 years ago and obtains 6.1/10 User Rating (35,670 votes) at IMDB. I pick up this moive these days because of Cage. His movies like < the rock > and < face off > are all perfect ones in big scenes and owned top ranked. But this time, the story under very gory visuals of deaths and torture makes audience depressive. Following comment comes from IMDB.

Firstly, this film is hugely under-rated. For those reviewers who call this film a “waste of time” or place it in the “hall of shame”, maybe they should go back to watching more obvious and simple films.

8mm focuses on “snuff” movies and follows Nicholas Cage as he ventures into the dark underworld of the pornographic industry. I’m not a great fan of Nicholas Cage (I still wonder how he ever made it as a movie star), but in 8mm felt he redeemed himself from past performances. Other actors in the film put on great performances, notably Joaquin Pheonix, and James Gandolfini (of Sopranos).

What makes the film worth watching though is the emotion, dark imagery and tense moments throughout the film. The storyline too is very well thought out although does have a few holes and untouched areas that may have helped develop the film further. There is no Hollywood ending, forced propaganda, or marketing. What you do get is graphic scenes, moderate violence, and an insight into “snuff” movies (which really is quite disturbing).

Having said that this movie is not for the faint hearted, so if you’re a “puppy-dogs and ice-cream” kind of person I’d suggest watching something else. If however, you feel you will be able to stomach such a film then prepare yourself for a moving film, which will leave you feeling that little bit darker at the end.

I highly recommend this film. 8/10


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