Canon 7D下周发布?

一个月前我们流着哈喇子开始对 Canon 7D 充满期待,可众多粉丝在之前 50D 发布时却失望透顶,因为大家丝毫没见到 5D II 的身影,更别说 7D。 但仅仅在几周过后,谣言传闻又普天盖地而来。

Dpreview 网友称看到这以下这张图片:



以我看来,PS 的可能性居多。但有其他消息灵通人士跳出来佐证:

Went to a prominent camera store today and the sales guy was so close to take a deposit for my order even though he said it is not setup in the system yet until he checked with the manager. The manager said they cannot take an order until the announce it NEXT WEEK.
So there you have it. New camera announcement will be next week.

不管是 7D 也好,5D II 也好。另外一位说:

My source is telling me that in response to Nikon’s gadgetry — video mode, pop-up flash, etc., Canon is implementing a new feature. The print button will be split into two — one button for color printing and one for BW. It’s a big camera. So, why not use the space?


And FYI, my source is pretty reliable. He predicted that there will be 50D three years ago.

我们已经拭目以待很多次,不在乎再多一次。当然,包括传说中的 Sony Alpha 900,那德系 Carl Zeiss 镜头即便是贴牌,吸引力也不可小觑。